New Photo-001The perfect quote conveys a powerful message in a few simple words. It is a quote that is short enough to memorize, or print out and post near our desk or computer, or carrying in our pocket, summarizing an important thought or belief. They are nuggets of wisdom we can carry with us throughout our day to inspire or direct us, as we work to become better citizens of the world.   I love inspiration quotes and have used them in my work and shared them with friends and loved ones at times when I was at a loss for words, or wanted to offer just the right words of comfort. One or two quotes can carry us through difficult periods of our lives.

Wisdom in bite size morsels, quotes have grown in popularity in recent years and we all see them posted here and there in our internet travels. A problem that I have encountered time and time again when visiting quote sites is that they are decidedly lacking in quotes by women. I find that astonishing and in need of change. I’m pretty sure women have said just as many interesting things over the years as men have said. Women are powerful teachers of wisdom in the twenty first century and in my lifetime I have learned so much from wisdom teachers such as Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Byron Katie, Mother Teresa, Caroline Myss, Brene Brown, Indira Gandhi, Anne Frank, Ayn Rand and Virginia Wolf, to name just a few. It’s time their words were gathered all in one place where they can be easily found and shared.

Thus was born this blog and accompanying website, InspiringQuotesByWomen.com. I hope you will find inspiration, comfort and guidance in the space. Please feel free to post your favorite quote by a woman in a comment, or email it me at InspiringQuotesByWomen@gmail.com (put the word “quote” in the subject line).

Be “In the Spotlight”: If you are a coach, author, teacher, counselor, mentor, health professional, or any other member of a caring profession who does business on the internet, placing your own personal quote with your image on InspiringQuotesByWomen.com is the perfect marketing tool to gain visibility and credibility.  Send an email to InspiringQuotesByWomen@gmail.com for more information (put “spotlight opportunity” in the subject line).

Dorothy Sander, Writer, Philosopher, Advocate for Women

Founder of AgingAbundantly.com


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